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My legs are wobbly jellied eels Bones deformed yet heavy-leaded anchors Like when I’m sick from flu, sweating, Reaking sweet cough syrup and Rolling around in blankets. Oh, I’m a pig stuffed at Christmas And I can hear me squealing. Stuck holding a candle Even when it’s burnt my hands Even when the light has […]


Through swirling winds Whistling kettles burning steam screech wildly into the night No more, no more I say cowering down upon the floor But there is nowhere to hide from winter’s icy storm. As such the bristling frozen empty branches beckon the boundless squall on Buckling and creeking No bird flaps to breach the fractured […]

When Eyes Open

When I look into your eyes I.  Indeed. Look.  Look through the eyes of love You look fantastic. At the bottom of everything Lash mascara Eyes open Eyes blinking. Kanye loves Kanye Blunt eyes stare down.  Hopeless. Helpless romantic but blue twisted orange organic free-wheeling ecstasy. And all for the love of you. Easy Sunday […]


“High on her breast, for opportunity presented, to send my eyes wandering. Look down upon the works – was not for love – this bosom of pure innocence?”

Day 7: Midnight

Day 7: “I take to lingering on passing beauty, winged fancy and all but hare-footed propinquity to be my pen and draw the faintest outline of intimacy but looker closer and any would note this is has only the guise of substance.”

Day 4: Morning

Morning Each hair stands solo; frail and yet full of prickly energy as though new spring cress shoots poking through dry battered earth.  They glimmer in such soft hazing dawn sunlight, sensing its warmth and seeming to stretch towards it. I let my breath gently coax the fair covering of hairs upon the flesh of […]

Day 3: Ode to Nicotine

Ode to Nicotine. There must be something seriously wrong with me. Heated office chatter catches my ear and I lean forward, edging a little closer to catch a strain. They’re discussing smoking. And not in a good way. Talk of rotting lungs, poisoned with tar and the big “C”, Utter bewilderment “how anyone could continue […]

Day 2: To dream

clinging to the comfort blanket of the fantastical world…

Day 1

The softest of pastel shades of blue linger in the sky hopefully waiting for more of its kind to emerge, infusing those murky but translucent grey clouds with subtle optimism. It is the beginning of a new day, and a new blog, both of which I’m akin to believe will be good things for me. […]


Is love for my body, Visually impaired, House heritage, Frank Zappa, heavy drinking, Chaos? What we do best / Form necessary detainee / Is hurting me.  My bitch Born always in style, A cheap price, chart-topping, Always suicidal to love you Is easy. Your personal shopper always available to  Easily annotate and organise your / […]