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When Eyes Open

When I look into your eyes I.  Indeed. Look.  Look through the eyes of love You look fantastic. At the bottom of everything Lash mascara Eyes open Eyes blinking. Kanye loves Kanye Blunt eyes stare down.  Hopeless. Helpless romantic but blue twisted orange organic free-wheeling ecstasy. And all for the love of you. Easy Sunday […]

Day 32: Feast Your Eyes Upon Me

“Differences are exhibited: Unlike the // Old warnings there are no [repeat] // Reprimands”

Day 25: Irritant

“I have you stranded and floundering // In your own naked // Incompetence”

Day 24: Queer Icon

“Make sure to be scene”

Day 19: Eagles

“Missing one // with you // During winter hardship”

Life Drawing: Nude with Chair

Day 15: Love Is

“Love is mixtapes, red-wine and sweet kisses”

Life Drawing – Light On Back

Life Drawing: Etched Nude


“High on her breast, for opportunity presented, to send my eyes wandering. Look down upon the works – was not for love – this bosom of pure innocence?”