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Day 48: Dream State

“I sense your toxicity yet cannot breathe you”

Day 44: When Your Heart Stops Beating

“2oth Century muscle // Bound and breaking // Teach me to be // A better”

Day 39: The Job Interview

“No one is watching”

Day 37: Natural

“I will die // Then fall // To waste upon the ground // To nought but dust // That others eat.”

Day 36: Paris

“Their niche is in the world of shades”

Day 34: Interested

(Anticipated) future Holding the tension Or not The monster Paradox Fun or money Or both. May you live in Your indifference. Why be happy when you could be The most interesting woman in the world? What if all a storm’s water fell in a single raindrop We would be in this plastic bottle Green and […]

Day 32: Feast Your Eyes Upon Me

“Differences are exhibited: Unlike the // Old warnings there are no [repeat] // Reprimands”

Day 31: Porno

“plunge your [soldiers] deep into me”

Day 30: Made in 1985

“Mickey Mouse catches fire, // Scorching children with // Melting glutenous plastic”

Day 29: Second Nature

“Split its white head // From noir body, // Foaming gently yet // Bitter to taste”