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When Eyes Open

When I look into your eyes I.  Indeed. Look.  Look through the eyes of love You look fantastic. At the bottom of everything Lash mascara Eyes open Eyes blinking. Kanye loves Kanye Blunt eyes stare down.  Hopeless. Helpless romantic but blue twisted orange organic free-wheeling ecstasy. And all for the love of you. Easy Sunday […]

Day 30: Made in 1985

“Mickey Mouse catches fire, // Scorching children with // Melting glutenous plastic”

Day 29: Second Nature

“Split its white head // From noir body, // Foaming gently yet // Bitter to taste”

Day 26: Winklepickers

“These are my fucking // Shoes”.

Day 25: Irritant

“I have you stranded and floundering // In your own naked // Incompetence”

Day 23: You // Swag

“U iz dead /u iz pathetic but oh well”

Day 17: This is England

“Poetic economy”

Day 9: Universal

“We are constantly seeking the balance between conformity and freedom, between allowing creative freedom and controlling that which, through such freedom, could be hurtful to others”.

Day 8: Craigslist

“I’d imagine that Craigslist is the sort of place people go to as a last resort, a place riddled with desperation, and of hope.”

Day 3: Ode to Nicotine

Ode to Nicotine. There must be something seriously wrong with me. Heated office chatter catches my ear and I lean forward, edging a little closer to catch a strain. They’re discussing smoking. And not in a good way. Talk of rotting lungs, poisoned with tar and the big “C”, Utter bewilderment “how anyone could continue […]