“Floating feathers, soft // Dead, rushing feet dirty soles // Mangled body blue”

“2oth Century muscle // Bound and breaking // Teach me to be // A better”

“Up for grabs again // Sold or sipped // Freely in the cosy country club // Like the sweetest dew from heaven.”

“Not in the heart // But preserved in jellied eels // Coiled tissue squishy and edible.”

“Even the sun shields her eyes // From such zodiacal light // Bouncing off into eternal darkness”

Secrets and stolen words //Desperate messages etched by scratching fingernails // Behind locked doors // Padded and eternally silent.”

“No one is watching”

“Poor laden branches // Looping down as lips arched // By unhappy smiles.

“I will die // Then fall // To waste upon the ground // To nought but dust // That others eat.”

“Their niche is in the world of shades”