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My legs are wobbly jellied eels Bones deformed yet heavy-leaded anchors Like when I’m sick from flu, sweating, Reaking sweet cough syrup and Rolling around in blankets. Oh, I’m a pig stuffed at Christmas And I can hear me squealing. Stuck holding a candle Even when it’s burnt my hands Even when the light has […]

Salt looks like sugar

Bad brine spiced alkaline-soaked sodium chloride Beef drippings, bacon racked and savoured serrano Hanging drying in breezeless dog day dead And then, this cur, wretched tramp just schlepps Scraping old leather on grained hardwood so, Letting calefication slip away Through acute open crevice The door lies ajar. Hound growls deep, so deep Dust shakes, peace […]

The Door of Dissonance

My ear is pressed up against the door So that my flesh is sucked in its cold state Gently glued and it does linger. This touch to our metallic portal has a strange allure Straining to hear beyond into backcountry wilderness. Was that wild moan the wind circling elegantly through the trees’ leaves, Or perhaps […]


[In response to ‘ This Lime-tree Bower my Prison’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. I am not who once I was Neither you Be true, be frank. Where once my tree did hold fruitful bower Flush with leaves and berry for the picking Now look! I have lost. Rings engraved in grain circle ever higher But […]

Bird song

I, in the middle Of this chaos Search the cold blue lagoon Elegant as a sea of whiskey Intoxicated by the fumes. God knows I Still haven’t figured out how But The sun it strengthens Not from both sides Not from any side I yet see Though it is there The water’s shimmering. As I’m […]

A memory

I looked in the bin today and saw our wedding book In the recycling We are broken But we’re good for the environment. Don’t put it with the doggie faecal matter No that would be wrong Just lie it on top of yesterday’s news Or free it up for someone’s fish supper Plenty more fishes. […]

Predict[…] Txt Poem

Be there in the afternoon You’ll let me you know If you want me that way. When is a good time For me And then Have to stick to a set time And I have to go get through it. I will get back with Her Thanks again Thanks so very, very Sorry. Good. Hope […]

Where are you now

It seems childish now to Have climbed so high so fast and free The ribbon floated in the air before me, and I Grabbed the balloon to shoot up, rising ever faster Lungs filled and bursting expanding accordion pulls and Feet lifted off the ground riding imaginary bike peddles such Hooligan youth aching for more […]

Where am I

Grasses pushing high up through cornfields towering Beneath this, I’ve fallen and hard mud cracked and deep cuts Earth lies dormant oh hear me calling.   I’ve never been here so this is unknown but now I’m here I Just want to go home so, This is not me I’m a shadow covered in shadows […]

This Wall

I don’t have a gun Why’d you shoot me? Stained years. I was reading a book but This mosaic patterned flesh Now blown, Seen-through as glass. Notice the difference in meaning Thought tiles Cracked bottles from Marrakesh scattered, sprawling and drowned. Cannot be white. Bear the thought An instant reference Static context Dig down Stretched […]