When eyes close.

the years have flown by

life’s kite tail bobbing and weaving higher beyond reach.

i wish you were here

Oh how i wish

that your feet rested on my legs curling and twisting

or your hand lightly touched mine.

people said the pain would fade

black ink to but shadowy greys.

When I think of you those clouds return and my breath drags

and my heart rages and races

but only in its emptiness.

I cannot love you forever like this.

Tears match the drowning rain

Air aches and pulls my lungs as heavy-handed gusts ratter shutters.

I have done nothing since you left me

I have felt nothing

I have been waiting

I close my eyes

and open them.

My focus is gone, water means all I see is glowing smudgy light

But i know you are not here.

You were a friend to me

And now we are broken.




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