Day 50: Me

So here I am, just me alone
I write to the world these words to see
If anyone feels the same as me.

I cock my head you bend your neck
You mirror me or just a flex?

The days draw long
And nights draw cold
All this lol hash tag smiley face
Makes me feel old.

Scribbled verse
Speaks in volumes from the heart
Muffled sounds sealed ears
Even as lips part.

Quietly carving prose
Onto the Internet tree
You may not know I am here
For I move silently

Along the sweeping computer vines
That hang from my PC
Such tentacles I’m long entangled
For I am rarely seen.

You may not know my warrior cry
Nor bellow out my name
But if you take the time to read
You will see we’re just the same.

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