Day 48: Dream State

External stimuli do not penetrate

Most likely to fall

The perfect nude for women all florescent lights

Yet colourless

I sense your toxicity yet cannot breathe you

Cancerous love

Potent scent nauseating sweet perfume fills lungs

My cocaine line

Sticks to my air-sacks tightened trachea  no release

Diseased [ space ] mind

Night-sweats soaked sheets head tormented eyes bloodshot

Remember you

No lullabies no light no rest I see you now

Even your face

Normally in dream state people hold no visage

Yet here you are

Dead to the world shattered nerves spike heartbeat faster

I recoil lost

Submerged black swirling water shark-fins slice surface

Fear forms quickly

Nauseated mouth parched lips dry throat rasping breath

I want you now

Splashing frantic arms search for saviour flesh creeping

Ragged teeth bite

Raw head and bloody bones sink down without a trace

I wanted you

Eyes wide limbs tense a-frighted twisted sheets hair messed

I lost you then

When I woke this morn  you were gone like yesterday.

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