Day 44: When Your Heart Stops Beating


Collection full

On the ground

A lonely hunter

Primed for victory

Ready to pounce.

2oth Century muscle

Bound and breaking

Teach me to be

A better //



Spill diaries and ill-kept secrets

Decomposed petals fallen and unwanted,

Pulses fading into black,

White knuckles clenched,

Grit teeth and bleed.

My witness is silent,

A head filled with fictitious femmes

Draped in romance,

Pink valentine messages

Shouted from rooftops.

Lonely souls resigned to scribbles

Poured over pages

Reminiscing  school crushes

Whilst reading Austin.

This vessel

Imprisoned by a bony-chest,

Forgotten now such ageing brain-matter

Matures and dominates.

This unique pump aches

But to mind lies silent,

Sick like yours.

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