Day 42: Mind Soup

Wasteland empty and muscular

Twisting meaty flesh grey,

Timeless storage

Hard-drive motherboard

Could be more

Mother fucker.

Is this our soul?

Not in the heart

But preserved in jellied eels

coiled tissue squishy and edible.

Dangerous, like a still lake

We are swimming through mangled weeds

Knowing nothing of cutting rocks beneath our feet.

Conditional predictions or

Illusion of control,

Faster than the eye

I see you

My enemy I could love you still.

Mind soup mush be quiet

Your wordless sky

Manipulate form memories

For my conscious,

I had forgotten

But now

My mind is my enemy

My own

Separation would be

As feathers dipped in treacle.

When I sleep

He watches me breathe,

I look in the mirror // I see

A baby blue eyed spirit who seeks your // everything

My mind is chaotic

I like to pretend that nothing has changed but all I ever loved you just took it away

There’s a knife in my back

That I put there.

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