Day 40: Impeached

High privilege

This house supersedes all

White walls that

Wash away all taint

Iron of sanguid and battle cries

Long gone.

In order // under rules

That stretch the land

Honed fortress rarely under siege

Holds ill-kept promises

Secrets and stolen words

Desperate messages etched by scratching fingernails

Behind locked doors

Padded and eternally silent.

Speak treason?

Toss away the key

Hushed lips might guide others to…

Fall silent.

In pedica old Latin

The figurehead rises from tired rubble,

Built by few to lead the many

Out of mud and mire

To well-lit side-walks

And muscle cars,

He will be gone by morning.

The dimming skies surrender his soul

Perhaps more an offering from the Gods

To appease us mortals

Baying for blood.

One comment

  1. eXcellent pOem. rEally connected… lOok forward to hearing more..


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