Day 39: The Job Interview

No one is watching

Not enough



No problem

We’ll retrain and then


Under construction

We are never enough.

Crooked wooden slats

Hold me up

So that your eyes can bear me down

Pin me down

Then tear me off

An unwanted plaster

You no longer need.

I feel gum beneath my fingers

Clasping brutally such precarious furniture,

You make me sweat

So my heart beats faster.

If you ask I will answer

Head in stocks

Stock questions

From black stockings

Mascara-eyes sticking

I am wide-eyed

This contact will not falter.

Then there’s that letter

That one word response

Shoot me down

And call me Mary

Call Mary

She’s better.

This image of rejection

Derived from a single photograph,

Snapshot caption

Reprints available.

Her polished diamond glints,

Dizzy success

No permit required

She is magnetic

You want her

I know.

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