Day 37: Natural


Formed by you // it // the


This bridge that

In the broadest sense

Phenomena of such

Physical world and nothing.

I am non-random

You see me like I see you

Our eyes are connected by cables

And Biological traits

Either more or less

The same

In a population as a function,

Dysfunctional dissidents

Mapping colour by charts

Consigned to judge.

My skin holds me

Relatively undisturbed

Characterised by each vein

As threads

That lead to my core so

Join up the dots.

I am aged like old trees

Count circled lines about fingers

Traced with more permanence

Than tan-lines from wedding rings.

This inherent sense of right and wrong

Shall creep into our souls to taint us

Words bitter lemon coarse soda

Against brittle lungs

Their bubbles fill sickened stomachs –

I am not you

And you hate it.

Skin breaks off

Sunshine catches soft edges of ourselves


As the beginnings of snowfall.

To you

I should not be here and yet I am

This evil

Gases trapped

Stolen air

And rotten soul.

I will die

Then fall

To waste upon the ground

To nought but dust

That others eat.

This is the course of man

I am nothing but natural.

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