Day 36: Paris

Parisian underbelly

Fayres and tickets ready,

Such natural following and preceding

Star-lit shadowing

Steps measured.

Leap forward

Watch startled children fly.

Pebbles shift underfoot

Violent earth-goblins little laughs

Frustrate the fragile mind

Rob me of time.

Whoever believes shall see

Dark-devils fragmenting lines

Shape-shifting demons

Quivering fingers sweat by


Just fair and consistent criminals

Line the shallow-bricked streets,

These houses crawl

Rooted by their testimony.

Drugs by multiple digits

Escape from covered hands

To dry mouths


Such wicked souls

Their niche is in the world of shades


No message from God

Cold stark dial tone

Dead of night

And long dated.

Servant only to bruising rain

Occasional blue lights

Past moments.

 No message.

Chas Laborde: Illustrator and Painter

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