Day 32: Feast Your Eyes Upon Me

Check my brain for signs of


Award-winning brain injury law firm employed

[helping to rebuild lives].

Fire victim helping neighbours on the internet [eye opening].

Emotional trip to/ spoiled or ruined or demolished,

Is responsible for her destroyed mind.

Listen to personal radio station [666] the number of the


It is also an abundant number,

An object endowed with

[A non-empty state].

This is required in order to:


The most intensive period of speech

Is during the first 3 years of life,

So we’ve missed it.

And if there’s any good that has come

from this crisis/

More Americans face distress.

Some religious people actually get [it].

I can forgive

Any confusion that anyone might have held

About the teachings of Jesus [or any other prophet].

Confusing yourself is a way to stay honest:

Seeks to promote/ essential change,

Purposeful judgement [about what]

To believe or what to do.

Differences are exhibited: Unlike the

Old warnings there are no [repeat]


Cause and effect.

Unintended consequences [outcomes]

that are not [or not limited to]

Results originally intended.

Results may vary.

[This site may harm your computer].

It would seem illogical for National Security/

Our own personal fears to


[How to feel safe and secure, Part 1]

Victim of

The brain:

We steal souls and sell them back to you.

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