Day 30: Made in 1985

A year of youthful exhuberance/

The deadliest year for civil aviation.

Faze out those glamorous red telephone boxes +

Sing for African children instead.

I can walk out

With an [artificial] heart

Whilst you screen my blood

before you take it.

You’ll [AIDS] me

Before I [AIDS] you.

Car bomb kills 80/ Tyson knocks out a/

Lions put on birth control

And in goes Reagan.

Mix black and white in SA/

Stamped and approved.

Cherry dead in Brixton,

Causes rouge, blood-spattered juice to fall on/

Red over black policemen’s hats.

Whilst suburban kids get addicted to

Nintendo’s and Duke Nuke ’em,

Blossom bombing/ bomb tests/ bomb [dead].

UK celebrate first glow-worm day,

[yellow-green bioluminescense]

And Mickey Mouse catches fire,

Scorching children with

Melting glutenous plastic,

Bubbling yellow Daffy Duck creates yellow puss boils on skin.

10,000 swept away in Bangladeshi wind/

Barely being heard over Cold War rhetoric.

Shuttles go upwards/ planes fall down,

Crash to earth [break up].

French bomb Green Peace

[Rainbow warrior]

Colère tue paix.

Le monde est fatigué,

Le monde est à pleurer,

Fend le monde,

Le monde est en guerre.

8.1 kills 10,000

30,000 injured

95,000 without home

[Only in Mexico]


Such a story roles and roles.

Flick pages on famine/ far too many to

Comprehend such a/ nasty business.


Presume their importance


If you [communicate] to me

If you [have lived/live/living] English or American

If you [dead/dying/doing] are relevant

I sense connection

Should have connection/

Mourn our loss

On your parting.

My imparting significance,

this one year

[my imprint]

Is too small to register.

Look for relevant historical information

[This is that year that which was]

Important for these reasons

Unrelated to/


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