Day 29: Second Nature

Chaotic and unstable to

See things in black/white.

Splitting chaos,


Negative images rolled out on film,

See wrinkles as white,

See sun as black.

Dramatic-erratic with a propensity to/

Multiple inter-personal relationships

And the ability to down pints in

Quick succession/

A glass standing empty

Unable to be touched

And denied its validity.

Split its white head

From noir body,

Foaming gently yet

Bitter to taste.

In search of lost time/

A la recherche du temps perdu.

More data than I can hold

In my head/

Spills out in violent coloured letters

In a stream of unstoppable force.

I place my hand to cover the hole immerging

Yet it yawns bigger,

A black spot with sides caving in.

The skin peels back as on a

Mouldy peach/ too easily freed.

Whilst eyes bulge and pop from sockets,

Hanging on by their loose tentricles/

Nerves twitching once escaped

From their shelled skull.

This lovingly crafted vial of emptiness,

Once created unknowingly in a

Mother’s womb.

No sound or fury creeps out of mouth,

Instead its scream is silent

And lasts for eternity.

Finally the head roles back

Before tipping in its momentum forward

Till it rests chin to chest.

A statement/ empty gesture,

A final nod to the futility of ‘being’,

of owning, of I/

And yet dispite nothing being nothing,

Nothing survives.

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