Day 28: Kings Cross



Why_am_I-so_out of breath_when I

Walk_up stairs?

“Let’s go to McDonalds and get milkshakes!” [two children in unison]

“I’m at the office [man sat down eating sandwich at station]

Con-crete_steps are durable but the corners_are

Vunerable_to chip_ping and break_age.


Stop to look at map

[Please do not leave your luggage unattended]

In times of uncertainty, it is easy to beat yourself up/



Shoulder [bumps] mine in sharp/ jolt/ jagged/ bag/ pins/ knee/ to wall.

He and I in unison turn our heads towards hands of clock,

Squinting through glasses to see how much time we have lost-

Precious seconds.

I expect the suit is late for work but now on platform for train

Has stopped running but checks watch in regular intervals to see

if time is running accordingly.

Telegraph dot com forward slash living:

Inappropiate reasons to be late

[an ideal time-wasting activity].

1. While rowing across the river to work, he got lost in the fog.

2. Someone stole all his daffodils.

3. He had to go audition for ‘Britains Got Talent.

4. His ex-wife stole his car so he couldn’t drive to work.

5. His route to work was shut down by a VIP motorcade.

6. He has transient amnesia and couldn’t remember his job.

7. He was indicted for securities fraud this morning.

8. The line was too long at Starbucks.

9. He was trying to get his knife back from the police.

10. He didn’t have money for petrol because all of the pawn shops were closed.

[man takes call on mobile] [man takes call on mobile] [man takes call on mobile]

Stop: “Hello? Oh hello Sally- no the files are with me- well I’m not at the office

So it will have to wait…awful….traffic….train’s delayed…why not? Mark needs to/

Yes/ the meeting? I can’t believe that [laughs] the figures are on my computer”


“Philip will have to come in tomorrow to finish the sketches/ thank you



[forced laugh]


Grinding, gurning, churning swoosh swoosh sound of man in yellow bib

sw-sw-sweeping li-ttle tit bits butts li-tter fro–m chew-ing gum stuck

plat fo—rm plat fo—rm plat fo—rm edge.

” Why is the train ALWAYS delayed?”

“Susan it’s lovely to see you”

“Go get yourself a…”

PAY-PER PAY-PER PAY-PER paper paper paper paper


Please stand back from platform edge

Shuffle for-ward shuffle scuffle for-ward suffle scuffle push me to-ward

Edge get positioned get ready for-ward stick elbows out

And fingers itching to hit button hit door light to go

Light to go

[doors open]

Ram through me as if a ghost with your pram and shopping

I don’t care I’ll have a seat.

Begin to edge forward into oncoming traffic


Old ladies never like quick moving people

But we [the suit has joined me in this quest]

Will have a seat.


I have a seat.

So does he.

Doors close [PING]

Some announcement that you can’t really hear

In one long sentence and nothing can be less clear

until finally the voice says something like


And attempts to console you with some irrelevant piece

Of information like LEAVES or DEAD PERSON

whilst you wish for voice to

SHUT UP and drive this thing.

We begin to move and immediately


Children, children, chill-dren, chill-dren.





I plugged in my Ipod,

Now all I know is moving lips

And avoidant eyes gazing.

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