Day 27: Laid Waste

The buildings, washed clean of smoke,

Disaster restoration [water fire smoke soot]

This damaged.

Noise, the latest slab of irreverant gabber/

White noise to [insert]

Destroy, lay waste to this setting.

And a calm that wipes your brow/

You salute the fallen

Yet allow some sense of thankfulness.

It was not you beneath the stone.

ABSTRACT: Estimate total damage to

Building, to occupants, to surrounding area and

Find logical solution for

Repainting over spattered walls with white-wash.

Weeds begin to grow through bullet-holes and

Vines rip through plaster after shrapnel damage,

Whilst children uprooted find gun placed in hands

And told to fire.

Students will read, analyze, and discuss excerpts from

Children’s war diaries and

Artists will paint dramatic pictures of falling rubble

In the wake of victory.

This unearthed killing machine was once

Hiding underneath its bed sobbing in

Soiled sheets looking towards where

His mother had been.

A cup lay broken,

Its shards scattered seeming bright white

As the open skies poured forth their light

So perversely clear and wondrous.

The roof of his room gone with

Just her shoes remaining.

One wall red will stick in his mind so clearly

That each night as he closes his eyes to sleep

He sees it.

He will always see it.

Yet now he has a gun slung on his shoulder

And his skin now knotted with lines

Looks older.

Though his feet may have travelled

The buildings look the same.

ABSTRACT: Estimate total damage to

To building, to occupants, to surrounding area and

His bullets lie on the floor,

As bullets he had seen had done before,

Echoes of echoes of a distant war.


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