Day 25: Irritant

Text: 1 to
Disturb the peace
Of mind of
Possibly through repeated/
Rouse to impatience
Irritate, -tated , -tating ,
-Tates, irritating/ marginally
Untested and indispensible.
Ir·ri·tat·ed, ir·ri·tat·ing, ir·ri·tates.
Increasing blood pressure
Leading to problems.
How to irritate?
Tagged as ‘comic’,
This affects your
Effects of common
Cause to annunciate
Your words correctly.

Announce your frustration/

To burst, spurt

Sputter, splutter// slicing

Words fall down.

Willing you to

Slip _up and

Fall _.

Give me dates,

Give me times,

Give me names/ details

That I can log.

You may not

Recall/ I will/ I will.

I will bank them for

Later_surface to

Supply arsonal for

Machine gun fire _ _ _

Over dirty laundry.

Tossed like confetti.

Brain vomit circulates/

Is snatched by either/ other/ or

You, me and

Passers by even

Bystanders call forth to witness this.

Yet I have you stranded and floundering

In your own naked/

Incompetence this/

This is my space

And I will moan

And regurgitate every last detail.

Past events with

Meticulous detail since

The year 2000

And you will crumble.

If I want you


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