Day 22: Anti-Gun

“Democrats are coming for our guns”

Say the good old red-neck Americans.

“Wave a gun in his face it will scare him away”

An angry soccer-mum with her gun clean on display.

Shots ring out loud over dissident republican lying dead

Neo-Nazi teenager shoots seven kids in the head.

So just one texan mayor signs the new bill

To stop illegal firearms in the hands of those who kill.

But they’ll call him “idiot mayor” worse they’ll call him “anti-gun”

For going against their “first born” he’ll be hated by everyone.

Yet even without firearms any man can find a way

To take the life of anyone no matter what we say,

Like the jealous man from Gendros shooting nails

Not through walls but through his rival’s feet,

Or those Republicans at pro-gun shows,

Squeezing triggers in empowerment and relief.

Such an orgy of violence should not constitute peace.

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