Day 20: Standard Life

I am nothing but you knew that you cut me off and // hang up.

You are no longer here for me no longer revolutionising no longer free.

This was expected // now you are gone.

Echelons, fireworks and lost key to your country not mine.

I’m fine

But this // I have revised to comply with //unity

You see // fully accepted information is all you need to be

In it // living // I am alive // and, well…

Available for information only // not right for you but

Download my voice in MP3 format

Is this not a good idea for numerous reasons // happiness cannot be captured and sent to you via email

This is fun.

You will link me // broken // friendships in my Circles the door is open and free to use

Good // welcome // expected

I am here and fucking dead.

Is there sufficient support for all our opinions?

This standard https colon means nothing but that I am still here // securely

Find me something internet to makes this worthwhile // post it to others // this standard life

Patterns are forming // best fit from the answers you provided

And these letters I have typed are essentially disregarded // return to work unhindered unexcited

Test procedure for determining the flash point // no action // no flash.

This release is lacking

No response

No response.

Standard life.

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