Day 17: This is England

[with the] was.

-To the/ of.



Mass was called at Yorkshire, the organisers’

Society to that would be/

Opportunity to force order.

Represent bestial mob,

Property down/ Civilisation up.

Deemed massacre as morally effective.

Should such/ had never witnessed England.

Some gathered over_ duly_on orderly for

Meeting, revolution.

The magistrates were not_were_white and top-hatted.

Hunt to,

Done-in / in him.

His white/ his cutting crowd

Trampled girl who/ happened.


They, by demonstration- the/them/abuse

To hussars sent/ extricate.

So sabres slicing through tight-packed bodies,

Desperate troops [eleven]

421 wounded with/ at/the

Were children.

The poetic economy,

Cavalry, confusion [could not wait].


There were/

Plied to hands and chopped limbs,

Wound-gaping groans/ mingled din.

Horrible shame for



Was resistless.

Sea and sound and low prayers that moiled/

Could not escape.

So Lord Yorkshire on Wordsworth.

Words appear much the same/

Others nauseated. Taken

Comparing the by absolute [there, about which]

Mocked pretension of the government.

Against [not critics]

British [but didn’t]

Writing government mask/ I murder on thee

Like divorce the/in/of/the

Divided orator cheered by people [300,000]

As his hearing was to persist with change/


Example a:

Radical – the conspiracy

The/ the tower of and was perfect for/

By repression of the/ of orator

Right to search arms.

Meetings, more a duty- popular reach [working class]

Reappeared British- them bones had obviously inherited anger.

[People desperately needed].

Mobilising six he mobilised against tea and

Roasted England over and over.

Instead [of] infamy attacked honouring memory/ pain

Talked on numbing length about “Jew Dogs” who turned and/

Pity those that thought England sensible.

Make them wear badges.

BNP with people of self-constructed measurable size.

Economy [Government congratulate itself]

British revolution nipped but roots of anger [one pacified last]

Now here/ him/ he which/ and foreign

Allowed to_heavy wagon of

Pan-European orchestrated Austrian bidding [foreign morally reprehensible policy]

Waxing that_and sinned_all_shame.

Have grounds/ will is feared/ violence from enrage people.

Till/ against a_ conducting great nation

Quite a frown of power.

Government to [….]


Upon brink of/ stand in the/ to and provide the measures for/ avert.

Was a [years 1829, 1820, 1945] death sustained.

Urgency required, strikes

Decades quiet then there are towns/rooms/taverns with

Addressed preachers.

Now obviously as they deliver their anger [remove ban]

Taking public and standing for [led by prick]

England and Scotland- a common cause that

They_their_us_no longer adversaries in a largely working-class

[for parliamentary reform]

Tapped atmosphere into/of/ moral crusade.

Exterminate and disbelieve foreigners

Followed by execution and cup of tea.

They give grip, clarity to/ He about moored to the past.

His elbow is upon us.

Seemed_by_and_ carry current events_relevance.

A marlborough raising from mouth [they regard his rank/ reason].

To be tireless,

Profound calculation constant/ stake life [all in] and wealth.

The hazards of a well-chosen battle whilst faithfully country standing.

BNP/UKIP- the union of both would represent paradox.

Islands, empires [involvment in Europe] had/ is into/ of which


And is/was mutually exclusive.

But him_the opposite.

England engaged [its empire prospered]

Wars [struggle to resist]

Expand [now retract].

Little Englandism with imperial Churchill nodding.

Subtract the black- take from us and unite/

Would itself be/ to disintergrate derived conviction,

Face of, or at least impractical.

Reactionary truculence undermines our future.

Second World War marinaded in their imagination too long

Left over from poorly taught history lessons/

Now they are scarred,

Causing blood and war/ intemperate nationalism.

Was/ as/ it was/ is -now -eventual.

Status uploaded.

Hinting at ethnic departure lounge for terminal 5/

bonded by language and non-white status.

British power/ strong [to make for] truth, true

Human nature casting stone [hurt struck deep]

Free speech_get out.

Language 21st century style.

Anticipate losing Brown to white.

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