Day 16: Screens

Devilish image [file] bitmap there

Closer than becoming a


The root of all evil

Is good for you.

Joni Johnston is watching you

Shaping Bush’s values

Is a legacy

Nothing like children’s fantasies.

Television is “barely” alive

You are really stupid


It educates millions of


In high-quality pictures that

Are finally here.

Now what?

Explosion growth of

Tiny atom bombs

Pixels that tell us something




People take you for granted

But I don’t,

I’m addicted.

Television is my boyfriend,

It stands next to me;

Permits me to be entertained

Talk to me about popular culture.

You rot my brain

But I love you.

WWW dot missing dot com,

No substitute

No printed paper.

Paedophile zoo

Data solutions for residential

For everyone

For you.

It’s already here –

Male // Important // Managed.

Ours is the culture of the real

Like a penis, a tower of Babel, reshaping us into


Status of the memo and

Spread it on my wall.

Dead like a vagina

Decentralised by design

No option but to

Log in.

Geen vrijplaats voor piraten verschenen in de journalist

This is probing

Like a penis

Questionable and unsound

Down // dumb // dirty

Hijacked and foresaken.

Protected by copyright

This inversely proportional

Down for maintenance

Ready for construction

Huge monstrosity pushed down.

Designed and maintained by Rhiannon

Launched in China powered by students financed by

The largest and oldest firearms retailer associations in America

Blanco America,

Search engine friendly

Google us

Online Friday.

Pond and Koi,

Go fish.

Mexican Illustrator Smithe –

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