Day 15: Love Is

The killer/ a rose/ the salvation

or colder than death.

Red energy that cuts through air

With selfish, suicidal conviction.

Love is mixtapes, red-wine and sweet kisses,

Love is stronger than death

But may die quickly.

Intravenous drug to inject,

To shout, to roar, to fight about.

It fills your heart with helium so

Quickly to be popped,

Pricked and thrown away.

Love is inspirational gift baskets

Or petrol station flowers that wilt after

24 hours,

That will rot and deflower,

Pretty petals tossed aside.

Love is hot and sticky,

Sweat and pain not chocolate-coated sweetness,

Love is lust and the morning after, and the morning after that.

It is her sick on the stairs, the broken plant pot,

The cuddly stuffed bear that you hate

And the lies you both tell to protect each other.

It is her hand in your hand, trusting and easy,

It is nothing like what you thought it would be,

But it doesn’t matter,

Because love is_love.

It’s the one thing we all believe in,

To hope for, to long for

That glistens on the horizon,

Or sits solidly in our stomach after being eaten,

Swelling our bodies with pride

And enduced euphoria.

Love, lust, chemicals, imbalance, placebo,

Whatever it is I am affected,

It_you effect me,

This affection is permanent.

Published Under Your Spell, Forward Press

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