Day 14: Million to One: One in a Million

Why may refer to: A request for an evidential reason.

Why it is illogical, even more so unlikely that

Anyone will find one true love.

Statistically out of this pool of 6 billion,

Who are female? – half that

Who are in your faint vacinity?  6 billion left.

In your age bracket? 65 million,

Of those that are eligble to be, possibly

Could be in/ 2 you?

60 thousand that you might like the look of

Match age, similar intelligence and relative aesthetics – so.

That’s too many flowers to stick in a swimming pool

Too many chocolates to cover gay Paris,

That’s so many hearts etched into trees your hands bleed with the trying

And yet we hang onto that ephemeral lifeboat ‘hope’.

Ignore those waves of doubt and desire to give in to probability

That wash over you through the years rapidly passing by.

You think, pray and wait silently to not be part of that one statistic,

Those odds are not concerned with you.

You are one anomaly, just a deviation from one common rule.

Something anomalous like love


Love is unclassifiable.

Love cannot be percentaged or ruled by numbers.

Wait for that one day, one hour, one minute, one second

When, possibly, by one molecular ounce of luck you will find your 1.

Even for a second this will make all other seconds

Of tortuous waiting pale in significance.

Some may say irrelevant.

It is what drives us even though we are not sure it even exists.

It is the single faith that binds humanity,

[Though most do not know it]


One comment

  1. Your poetry is impressive. 🙂 I love that you start out with the math of things and ease into the heart of the poem.


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