Day 12: Slick


[BP] lowers CAP on oil_well/

Executive pay at $500K.

Spa resort vacation PARTy

THIS little NUMBER 2gether.

It crosses [as they did]

Look for evidence that/

Crazy conspiracy theories

But [evidence] that many 

Have overlooked with EYES,

Shut it down and

Shut up.

Just shut.

Look for [evidence] that

We have evolved past

Others, fit to improve

Ourselves and feel some

Connection with the curvature

Of our own fate.

To protect this [future]

Metal constructions rising forth

Up from soil

Stained by footprints

We all pump oil.

वे अल पुमप आयल.

Blame forged [at] those

With BIG hands/

Yet you [stand] at

Petrol pumps chasing numbers,

Dials turning faster, faster.

Ducks s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-on paddle 

Through gloopy black chocolate,

But this water [with]

Thicker consistency holds down

Matter, sucking [it] into

Deep depths of decay.

Rotting fish poisoned purple

Will fill the shores

In months to come,

But few will blame

The red-blooded Amer[i]can.

Solo driver of a 4×4

Parked on Mount Rushmore.

BP, they gave you 

What you [asked] for,

Throw,money and

Maddened looks their way,

It’s [our] fingerprints

On the light [switch]

Our plastic bottles littering,

Our waste piled HIGH,

Our cars running to [everywhere]

We choose/ these [options]

Our houses warmed without

[A thought] a thought

For those that suffer

Now along that coast

Of sticky treacle.

copyright @cultreject


  1. I really like that illustration – you’re very talented.


  2. Georgia Jones · · Reply

    My friend sent me here and I’m pleased! I will definitely bookmark it and come back!


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