Day 11: Lost

Lost Property

When reporting lost property, please provide a detailed description.

Lost something unique / all lost are unique except in the conceptual idea that they are unified and lost.

Lost, mislaid, and abandoned property is a category of the common law of property

Which deals with personal property / which has left the possession of its rightful owner.

Yet it did not stray you strayed from it / it belonged to you only because you found it,

Yet it quite clearly did not aways therefore belong to you.

In fact quite the opposite, you did not know it existed,

It never knew you existed because it did not know that it existed,

Seeing as it is an it.

Now you could say it belonged to you

But I could say it belonged to me

It has decided it belongs to nobody

And it got left on the platform

It made the mistake of not declaring who it wanted to belong to

Now the platform possesses it

Or it possesses the platform

Neither is certain who it is, and who is not it

Because neither has the capability to think about it.

I am thinking about it,

Now you are thinking about it.

We own it

But neither of us have it,

But does it exist?

Because even though I think it is there,

And you think that I think it is there,

It may not be there,

It might be somewhere else by now,

It might have been destroyed.

It might be possessed by someone else,

It is lost,

If you find it

Please return it,

To it’s owner.

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