Day 10: Liar

To dabble in truth is to shade

Life in grey, so much

Darkness clouds our existence

That this truth appears

As small as a single droplet.

Yet when it hits the water

Becomes Potassium,

Becomes Sodium,

Becomes an infinite ink diffusion.

Never separated 

Always infected.

Fingers brush against broken lips,

Hair flicked from eyes,

This is sin.

I feel it crawling against my skin.

They don’t tell you about this

In high school.

In that murky water

Embodying truth.

Now it is too late,

Now I cannot sleep.

I sip black coffee with that

Nervous energy of a liar.

Liars drink coffee

Because they fear sleep.

Liars drink alcohol

Because they hope to forget.

Yet like the bitter dry stale 

After-taste in their 

Morning mouth

Will never be undone.

Fear is the worst of 


For it will

Consume you.

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