Day 8: Craigslist


The idea of Craigslist is a simple format.  List something you want to hopefully find someone or something you need or somebody to take something from you that you no longer require.  For free.

The service, the listing, the whole thing is for free.  The fact that Craigslist ‘lives’ is a testament to, in western society, there being an abundance of ‘things’ that are both excessive and, at the same time, seemingly required.

There are things for sale (ideally at a cheaper price than going anywhere else), like boats and boots (today both intermingling with fluidity in spelling and listing placement).

Also there are personal ads with unusual requests (this morning the interesting tag line was “Bi-curious girl seeks girl for surprise 3some with b.f – 25 E’London”).

Continuing “We can have drinks and stuff at mine or possibly his and as he enters the house I can introduce you as my old school friend who happened to be in the area, we toast to his birthday and then you can start flirting with him or you can say I want to show you my new bra and things can pick up from there. Obviously this is just a scenario I have recently thought about”.

This wonderfully short scenario contains all the vapid traces of soft porn but also has a lingering lightness.  The writer gives a sense of their own willingness to please, both the “old school friend” and her partner.  This intriguing paragraph of introduction to her world is a brief summary of what you might expect from Craigslist.  Presumably no one is buying a service (save a couple of drinks at a bar maybe) so it is more about a barter system.  In this case, ideally someone with a large sexual appetite, a fluid sexuality and little spare time will respond to this ad to fulfill the fantasies of a sexually exploring female who wishes to please the mind and body of her French boyfriend.  Hopefully, in this scenario, there are no losers.

‘Lost and found’.

Someone is looking for their ‘long lost cousin’.

A ‘long lost cousin’ is an unusual object to list on Craigslist, amongst the violins and dusty carpets.  It does leave me with the unique feeling that perhaps the cousin will be lost for an ever-increasing length of time should the relative choose only to utilise a free listing site to find the wayward man.

His name is Laurence.

Amongst the ‘lost and found’ section there’s a found bike, a lost camera and an intriguing post entitled “have you lost your mind?” followed by a photograph of a busty lady with an eagle mask placed over her.  It isn’t spam, it’s just frightening.

I’d imagine that Craigslist is the sort of place people go to as a last resort, a place riddled with desperation, and of hope.

The broke student looking for a sub-let

The poor fisherman who can’t afford the repairs on his boat

The girlfriend intent on spicing up her love life to keep her promiscious boyfriend sweet

The family endlessly searching for their Laurence

A madman who has lost his mind.

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