Day 1

The softest of pastel shades of blue linger in the sky hopefully waiting for more of its kind to emerge, infusing those murky but translucent grey clouds with subtle optimism. It is the beginning of a new day, and a new blog, both of which I’m akin to believe will be good things for me. Optimism is not something I frequently enjoy so today seems like a luxury. Perhaps it’s because I can see all the way to the distant horizon where the single tower of the cement works which, in this miniature form, seems a thing of beauty.

As I whittle away a few words on my keyboard I can look out my bedroom’s sash window (that I have flung wide open) and allow the cool breeze to reinvigorate my soul, though quite clichéd, and to whisk away the cobwebs littered in my thoughts. I have not written for a while. No, scratch that. I had not written for a while. Past tense. Today is different.

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