Is love for my body,

Visually impaired,

House heritage, Frank Zappa, heavy drinking,


What we do best /

Form necessary detainee /

Is hurting me. 

My bitch

Born always in style,

A cheap price, chart-topping,

Always suicidal to love you

Is easy.

Your personal shopper always available to 

Easily annotate and organise your /

Bookmark this it’s good.

In our apocalypse epoch

Your tissue is my tissue we grew together,

Or did this organ become mine as I became yours

Thrust, cut, entangled by a surgeon’s blade

To replace a damaged part or compensate?


Did we promote fusion

Or did we fuse?

Getting shorter, burning, let it be singled out and removed,

Punched, burned but failed to detonate.

You remember Barbara J. “money is love”

@ Hollywood, Nascar, Dan Geer, brokers and bankers.

I remember Fred Dungan “money is no good”.

It is what it does, like love

It does not rest in the hands of the thirsty.

My throat aches, blistering dry

So much so I cannot speak

Your name.

Two as different as day as night,

I see the sun amidst the stars.

Video this, it is not spam, uncertain engagement,

Discourse and desire.

Standing pressed against the wall

I knew you were Keyser Soze /

The face available to greet them

Facebook, face facts, face me

I see it, anthology of science fiction.

Falling to earth when it is accessible by the footpath,

Our linked arms are torn off

Yet even now I feel you.

Far from death yet sufficiently similar to the pseudo

Past is a prologue, grotesque animal sculking

In a foreign country lurking behind the sunrise.

/And in its eyes you see / how completely wrong you can be / the sun is out.

First to go, abstract, dare me 13523km and I will /

No one ever wins in this script

Furthest, hardest, fastest  / superlatives,

I am crushed.

This ancient playground blue and beautiful 

Becomes heavy lead, poisoned broke and insane.

I am robbed hours, dreams, memories thinking of thinking

About you.


copyright 2011

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