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Illustration: Nude, continuous Line

Day 9: Universal

“We are constantly seeking the balance between conformity and freedom, between allowing creative freedom and controlling that which, through such freedom, could be hurtful to others”.


“High on her breast, for opportunity presented, to send my eyes wandering. Look down upon the works – was not for love – this bosom of pure innocence?”

Illustration: Simple Nude

Day 8: Craigslist

“I’d imagine that Craigslist is the sort of place people go to as a last resort, a place riddled with desperation, and of hope.”

Awkward Nude

Awkward Nude, a photo by Cult Reject Factory on Flickr.

Day 7: Midnight

Day 7: “I take to lingering on passing beauty, winged fancy and all but hare-footed propinquity to be my pen and draw the faintest outline of intimacy but looker closer and any would note this is has only the guise of substance.”

Day 6: Shackled Daisies

“Pity those that his merciless crooked hand does touch for it leaves us naked as a newborn babe wanting only to be nurtured by sun and glory – or swept away by nature’s tears of sorrow.”

Upright Nude

Day 5: My Tongue

“probably the most important and extensive changes to denotation occur through shifts in the dominant ideology of a culture”