Through swirling winds Whistling kettles burning steam screech wildly into the night No more, no more I say cowering down upon the floor But there is nowhere to hide from winter’s icy storm. As such the bristling frozen empty branches beckon the boundless squall on Buckling and creeking No bird flaps to breach the fractured […]


When I look into your eyes I.  Indeed. Look.  Look through the eyes of love You look fantastic. At the bottom of everything Lash mascara Eyes open Eyes blinking. Kanye loves Kanye Blunt eyes stare down.  Hopeless. Helpless romantic but blue twisted orange organic free-wheeling ecstasy. And all for the love of you. Easy Sunday […]

youth market brain

the years have flown by life’s kite tail bobbing and weaving higher beyond reach. i wish you were here Oh how i wish that your feet rested on my legs curling and twisting or your hand lightly touched mine. people said the pain would fade black ink to but shadowy greys. When I think of […]


Mountain borders Rolling desert Grassland trapped with snow. So primed and pounding The vein of loud, proud Such a drug Salutes and fist pumps Oil-soaked green Let run. Hazardous slippery healthcare Business more the real goal. Blood of the earth Volatile, The best, Latest Just introduced processed and luxuriously tempting. This bond will be 100% […]


So here I am, just me alone I write to the world these words to see If anyone feels the same as me. I cock my head you bend your neck You mirror me or just a flex? The days draw long And nights draw cold All this lol hash tag smiley face Makes me […]

Devils Ladder

Green pastures stretch and grow so ever strong // To stand upon earth cold and unyielding, // You’ll see her faithful tides come here and sting // Salt spray upon our heads to cleanse all wrong.

dream state

“I sense your toxicity yet cannot breathe you”


“Lay to rest summer’s warm bed forgotten // Waiting now for a snowy blanket”


You // Not me // Your Shadow // Still Arctic haze // forgotten

dead bird

“Floating feathers, soft // Dead, rushing feet dirty soles // Mangled body blue”